ESC 2013 Aftermath

Now there are only teardrops left. Tears of laughter in my case. I’m emotionally exhausted after this years grand finale of ESC. A big thank you to Moldovia, Greece and Romania for their contributions. I nearly fell off my sofa when they came on. Greece was really fun, though. A team of soccerreferees in kilts with the worlds smallest lute, going at it like a balkan brass band. This is the kind of stuff I live for. Romania also did awesome – a musician friend texted me that he’d rather shave his privates with a badger. All very nice indeed.

Actually, my real favorites were Malta, Hungary and particularly Spain. Heck, their songs I could probably stand to hear on the radio repeatedly. Denmarks music piece that will be blasted all summer I will shun as I am already tired of it. The danes only got 5 checks in my book, so the performance wasn’t really that special either. Norway had by far the most epileptic lightshow, Moldova hairdo of the year, Finland took the costume award, Ukraine the biggest giant on stage… I’m sure the Prince of Eurotrash, designer Jean Paul Gaultier in the audience approved.

In fact it was Sweden who scored the highest on my scoresheet. They had the most complete show according to my standards, but sometimes it takes more than that. Poor Ireland had flirty eyecontact, gayfactor, bodhran drums, celtic tattoos and all, and yet they were barely voted on by their neighbours. It’s truly hard to predict the outcome. I only guessed 3 of the top ten, so I’m not placing any bets next year. It was fun, though. Totally worth it. I love that not all the crazyness is left behind in the national selections so cynics like me have something to look forward to in Copenhagen 2014 🙂