Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Finale


Jorå, formuläret finns på svenska med, kolla längst ner.

So, it’s here. The culmination of all our entertainers efforts. The night of flashing smiles and sparkling outfits. Or the other way around. Either way, it’s all settled at this one event. Every competing nation sits expectantly in front of their TV sets, ready to cheer, vote, and diss the opposition. I have just the thing for this occasion – a score sheet!

Granted, I’m not a ESC fan. In fact, I tend to avoid it, but always end up seeing it anyway. But it’s been around since at least colour TV. I still love the harmless bickering and bragging between nations, and not being a sportsfan, this is as close I get to nationalism. From the Te Deum trumpet fanfare to the disappointed aftermath (with a few exceptions – are there any nations who has never won?) it’s a part of me as an European. This, I believe, entitles me to make as much fun at it as I like. The Score Sheet is therefore focusing on the things that make ESC entertaining for me. Feel free to peruse, spread, be annoyed by, just don’t take it too seriously.

Just in case you have no idea what this is about, here is a brief introduction to the bizarreness that is a European song contest.

ESC 2013 Finale Scoresheet

ESC 2013 Final Röstformulär

ESC 2013 Final Röstformulär